MOMnext- 新一代制造运营管理平台

入选理由:菲尼克斯中国公司开发MOMnext- 新一代制造运营管理平台,涵盖从接单到交付全价值链的数字化运营管理,可实现各生产要素间无缝连接和信息自由流转,使组织、调度、执行更柔性、更高效。平台将数据转换为信息、将信息转化为知识,将知识转化为决策,建立起数据自动流动规则体系,可更柔性和快速响应客户需求。平台具备低代码、可视化、微服务、云部署、易集成和快交付等特性,提升系统可靠性,并降低项目实施、开发和运维的技术门槛。借助可视化设置快速搭建场景并进行仿真验证,独立部署个性定制模块以减少对核心业务的冲击,加速企业智能制造建设和迭代过程。
MOMnext- the next generation manufacturing operation management platform developed by Phoenix Contact (China) allows a digitalized operation and management over the whole value chain from order to
delivery and ensures seamless connection between production factors and free information circulation, to
improve the flexibility and efficiency of organization, dispatching and implementation. The platform transfers data into information, information into knowledge, and then knowledge into decisions with a system of automatic data flow rules, so that client demands would be responded more quickly and flexibility. The platform features low-code demands, visualization capability, microservices, cloud deployment, easy integration and quick delivery that improve system reliability and lower technical threshold for project implementation, development, operation and maintenance. Visualization settings enable quick scene building and verification by simulation. Customized modules can be deployed independently to contain the impact on core business, thereby facilitatingthe intelligent manufacturing construction and iteration process of the enterprise.
Low-code, Visualization, Microservices, Easy Integration