AI 驱动的工程仿真解决方案

Ansys SimAI 作为由云技术支持的通用物理场平台,可帮助用户在几分钟内对复杂仿真场景的性能进行预测,完成更多设计测试,从而加速设计进度,提升产品的创新速度,并缩短产品上市时间。该仿真解决方案支持用户使用仿真结果训练 AI 模型,其特点在于可将使用形状进行输入,促进广泛地进行设计探索。Ansys 与微软、英伟达等建立合作关系,强化其产品在人工智能领域的应用。Ansys 还推出 AI 虚拟助手 AnsysGPT,为用户提供 24 小时技术支持,首次响应时间可缩短至几秒钟。基于 Ansys 公开数据训练,可将多个工程师的不同领域专业知识整合到 AI 虚拟助手中。
Ansys SimAI, as a general physics platform supported by cloud technology, helps users predict the performance of complex simulation scenarios in minutes and complete more design tests, thereby accelerating design progress, greatly accelerate innovation and reduce time to market. The simulation solution enables users to leverage simulation results to train AI models and use the shape of a design as the input to facilitate expansive design exploration. Ansys has established cooperation relationship with Microsoft, NVIDIA to strengthen the product application in the field of artificial intelligence. Ansys also launched an AI virtual assistant AnsysGPT to provide users with 24-hour technical support, the first response time of which can be shortened to a few seconds. Be trained with Ansys public data, combining the domain expertise normally distributed across multiple engineers into one virtual knowledge engine.
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