12000T 大型智能压铸单元

力劲集团 12000T 大型智能压铸单元采用两板直压式结构,锁模力集中在模板中心,可减少飞边的产生,结构更紧凑、尺寸更小;高动态响应压射系统,满足大面积长距离压铸工艺需求;一体式打料油路板实现打料超高动态响应,在速度、位置、增压控制等方面有较大突破;整机配置智能周边设备,实现生产过程各种故障的实时采集、传输、处理、分析和生成决策,保障大型压铸装备高效稳定运行,大幅减少能耗、提升效率,推动汽车压铸件向大型化、集成化方向发展,为不同车型大型结构件提供智能、高效、一体化压铸生产解决方案。
The 12000T large intelligent die-casting unit of LK Group adopts a two-platen direct-pressure structure, with the clamping force concentrated in the center of the plate, which can reduce the generation of flash edges, making the structure more compact and smaller in size. The injection system with high dynamic response, meeting the needs of large-area and long-distance die-casting processes. The integrated punching manifold achieves ultra-high dynamic response of punching, with significant breakthroughs in speed, position, and pressure control. The whole machine is equipped with intelligent peripheral equipment to realize real-time collection, transmission, processing, analysis, and decision-making of various faults in the production process, ensuring the efficient and stable operation of large die-casting equipment, significantly reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency, promoting the development of automotive die-casting parts towards large-scale and integrated directions, and providing intelligent, efficient, and integrated die-casting production solutions for large components of different vehicle models.
Large Die-casting Unit, Direct Clamp Structure, Injection System, Integrated Die-casting, EV